Austin Puzzle Exchange

Exchange Puzzles with your Neighbors... easy, free, local, fun!

How It Works

It's easy!

  1. Go to an exchange location (see locations).
  2. Borrow a puzzle and bring it back when you're done.
  3. Leave a puzzle in the bin to circulate if you want. Add a puzzle log inside it with your name.
  4. Optionally, sign the log in the puzzle box before returning your puzzle. It's fun to see where & when puzzles are used!
  5. Enjoy new puzzles without the cost!

  • New puzzles: Thank you for sharing new puzzles with your neighbors! We encourage you to add a log sheet inside the puzzle box or bag with your name. It is optional, but it’s fun tracking where it’s been, and can be helpful if you want to get your puzzle back again some day. There are usually printed copies in the bin, or you can print one here.
  • Please be considerate, and don't borrow more than you will be able to work on at once. You can keep the puzzle for as long as you need to get it completed, but be nice to neighbors. If you don't have time in the near future, bring it back for others to use.
  • Puzzles should have all the pieces. If a piece is missing, please note it on the log and notify us or the original owner so they can take it out of circulation.
  • Returning puzzles: Please ensure all of the pieces are returned and sealed in the box. A ziploc bag is a good idea if the box does not close tightly, so that they won’t fall out. You can optionally sign the log sheet. If the log sheet is full, grab a new one and add it to the puzzle box with the original log.

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Email List

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No spam - just occasional info on the puzzle exchange. It is completely optional, but highly encouraged in the event that we need to track down a puzzle.

Exchange Locations

Location & Contact
Southwest Austin
6302 Salcon Cliff
Austin, TX 78749



Puzzles are available almost every day at any reasonable time. We will occasionally bring the bins inside when there's inclement weather. Come by when it is convenient for you!

There are two large, labeled, plastic bins full of puzzles on the covered front porch. You do not need to ring the doorbell unless you have a question.

Southwest Austin Puzzle Swap
NW Hills Puzzle Swap
7005 Northledge Dr
Austin, TX 78731



24/7 community access, in front of Doss Elementary

All are welcome to participate in the community puzzle exchange. Inside the storage bench are plastic bins of puzzles. Please keep the lids closed to protect from weather. Founded as a Girl Scout Silver Award project.

NW Hills Puzzle Swap
Future Locations

Are you interested in hosting an additional exchange location in the Austin area?
Contact to get added!

About the Austin Puzzle Exchange

The Austin Puzzle Exchange is a neighborhood puzzle swap that builds community and encourages a love of puzzles. We conceived of this idea after doing many puzzles with our family. We quickly realized to keep this up we would have to buy new puzzles every week. That could really add up over time! So, how does our family get new puzzles on a budget? Sharing with neighbors of course! Hence the neighborhood Southwest Austin Puzzle Exchange was born in 2017.

In 2020 we created a new web site at and are encouraging other puzzlers around Austin to host free puzzle exchanges to share and swap puzzles. The second location was created in fall 2021 by Girl Scout Troop 1183, located in the NW Hills neighborhood in Austin.

It's a similar idea to Little Free Libraries (which we also love). Puzzzles are expensive to buy new but last a long time, and many of us enjoy the challenge of a new (to us) puzzle instead of one we've already done. It's also a great way to contribute to your community!

Happy puzzling!!!
- Christina and Kevin Harder

Types of Puzzles

Our exchange has jigsaw puzzles of all sizes (from child-friendly to 5,000 pieces), as well as some other types such as 3-D puzzles.